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Weekend Sightseeing - Sunday

We enjoyed another leisurely morning before heading off to the International Mountain Museum. When we arrived, I was quite surprised at how large the museum is and how much it fit with my Western expectations of museums. Outside there were gardens, a fountain, a memorial to climbers who’ve lost their lives, and even a miniature mountain to climb. Inside, the museum was expansive (by Nepalese standards) and had exhibits on the various people and cultures and artifacts of the Himalayan region; large, detailed photographs and information about many of the individual mountains; detailed exhibits featuring the people and equipment of historic climbing expeditions; and multimedia displays that show the effects of global warming and pollution to the region. The students spent a good long while exploring the museum and completed a scavenger hunt page of questions along the way.

When we were finished at the museum, we went back to the Lakeside District of Pokhara and enjoyed paninis and salads for lunch and then had some free time to explore and shop.

That evening, we went to dinner that included a live performance of Nepali music and dancing. All around, another great day!

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