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Trek Days 3 and 4

Day 3 started rainy but it didn't last long. We trekked from Tolka to Pothana. In Pothana we had lunch. Along the way we meet many leeches. Some attached, others didn't. It was an easy trekking day that was more rolling up and down and barely any steps to speak of. After lunch we trekked to Dhampus. I really love this part of the trek. It is almost Disney-like (having a lot of issues uploading photos so will do when can.)

We had a great time in Dhampus on the night of day 3. Our guide, Purem, had us all dancing Nepalese style.

Day 4 we had short trek down a dirt road to Phedi. We passed many beautiful rice paddies along the way. We returned to Pokhara around 11:30 am.

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