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We woke early, had breakfast at Holy Himalaya and left for the airport. Everyone was well rested after having a good night's sleep. We flew Buddha Air to Pokhara. After collecting our luggage and taking the obligatory "Welcome to Pokhara" photo we headed to Hotel Crown, our home for the next 2.5 weeks. We settled in, had lunch and explored the lake district around our hotel. It was Hot!. We had a late afternoon break and then walked to our dinner venue. There we did a group activity a la speed dating and learned a lot more about each other and GVI. During the activity, the skies opened and there was a tremendous thunderstorm. We are dinner with candle light as the power went out. By the time we finished eating and walked back to the hotel, the rain stopped

Waiting for the flight to Pokhara

Our plane

Welcome to Pokhara!

It was a lot of rain!!

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