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Pame and Sasane

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Monday morning we made posters for the classrooms we have been working on and we visited the village of Pame where the 2017 group did their service project. My husband, Scott, and I were the chaperones that year so I was really excited to see the progress made at the school. It is about 4 miles from Pokhara but takes about 30 minutes to get there due to the road conditions. The road is still in the process of being paved and has progressed in two years but the non paved areas are slow going, muddy and very bumpy. We met with one of the teachers and walked around the school. There have been many improvements including the tiling of the bathrooms and the removal of the trash heaps. A small temple was built where there used to be a pile of trash.

In the afternoon we went to Sasane to learn how to make momos, have a meal of dal bhat and to learn about the work Sasane is doing in Nepal. (Human trafficking is not illegal in Nepal) Sasane was founded by women human trafficking survivors to help women who have escaped human trafficking. There are several programs within Sasane to assist these women which include: Paralegal Training - open to those who have graduated from high school. These paralegals help women navigate the legal system. School Awareness Program - provides anti-trafficking awareness to schools in the Kathmandu Valley. Mountain Village Education Program - provides anti-trafficking education to rural areas Sisterhood of Survivors Tourism Program - provides non high school graduates the education needed to work in the tourism industry in Nepal. Sisterhood Tour and Trekking Company - trains survivors to become trekking guides to lead tours through the rural villages which are know hubs of human trafficking. For more information on this program or to make a

contribution, go to


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