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What is an Ambassador?​

Students selected to join a trip with BI-K will be trained as “ambassadors.”  An ambassador is someone who: first, thoughtfully and sincerely represents the culture that they come from; second, fully engages with people they meet and have a genuine curiosity about other cultures;  third, approaches each interaction with a purpose of goodwill and reciprocity.   BI-K strives to nurture and develop these attributes in each of our student ambassadors.

Why become an Ambassador?

If you have a strong interest in helping other people in needy communities, you should consider becoming an ambassador.  Likewise, if you want to take on a challenge to be a part of a team dedicated to working together for a common altruistic cause, you should check out BI-K.  The journey to Nepal begins with a mindset – keep your eyes wide open, listen with purposeful intent of understanding others, be open for change.  

How do I become an Ambassador?

Applications for our program are available online.   Applications are typically available in early September and are due in early October.  You should be very thoughtful in your responses in the application.  In addition, all applicants will be interviewed shortly after applications are submitted.  After all the applicants have been interviewed, the BI-K Board of Directors will meet to discuss applications, interviews, and ultimately select the team.  Each year the team will consist of approximately 8-12 student ambassadors.

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